Voter Information.

Important dates and deadlines:

  • Mail-in ballots sent to voters who requested them – beginning September 4
  • Voter registration deadline – October 9
  • Last date to request mail-in ballot – October 27 (your application must be received at the county Board of Elections by then… to be safe, it is recommended you request a ballot no later than October 15)
  • Early voting period – Thursday, October 15 – Saturday, October 31 (click here for complete early voting details)
  • Election day – Tuesday, November 3

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Frequently asked questions.

Is a “mail-in ballot” different from an “absentee ballot?”
No. They are the same thing. Traditional absentee ballots are now being offered to everyone, and no reason is needed to use them. This allows everyone to vote from the safety of their own homes, should you choose.

What if I request a mail-in ballot but change my mind and decide I want to vote in person (early or on election day)?
No problem! Requesting a mail-in / absentee ballot does not “lock you in” to voting that way. If you change your mind and have not returned your mail-in ballot, you can still vote in person.

Can I drop off my mail-in ballot at any of the early voting sites?
Yes! In addition to the Board of Elections office, mail-in ballots can be returned at any early vote location during hours of operation.

What if I wait until election day to decide, but I still want to vote using my mail-in ballot?
No problem! You have two options. 1) Take your completed, signed and witnessed ballot to your local post office and get it hand-postmarked by the clerk (a dated postmark is the only way to certify that your ballot was mailed on time); or 2) Hand-deliver your completed, signed and witnessed ballot to the Forsyth County Board of Elections office by 5 pm.

Are mail-in ballots considered “provisional” and only counted if elections are close?
No. Mail-in ballots are counted as they are received. They are added to in-person early voting tallies and considered a part of early voting.

Can I vote in person before election day? Yes, you can vote in person from October 15-31. Click here for full details.

If I cast a mail-in ballot, can I make a change to my vote prior to election day?
No. Once you send in your ballot, your vote is final and cannot be amended.

How can I prove my ballot was received and counted?
You can track your ballot directly at

How do I know which early voting site to go to?
You can vote early at ANY of the early voting sites. It’s your choice.

Where and when does early voting take place?
Click here to see the dates, times and locations for early voting –>