Terri’s Priorities

Here are Terri’s positions on the Economy, Education and Infrastructure and other important issues.

Education and skills training
Terri is a product of public schools as are her two daughters. She believes we need to invest in public education as a community asset. Every student has the ability to learn, progress and graduate. Investment in education is essential to ensuring a bright future for the people of Forsyth County and North Carolina.

North Carolina used to be known across the country for its commitment to and investment in public education. No longer. Since 2008, per-pupil investment in education has declined by over 8%. Further, the state has failed to fund universal pre-K. As a result, North Carolina continues to fall behind despite the state constitution declaring that the people have a right to the privilege of education. It is the responsibility of the NC General Assembly to provide a general and uniform system of free public schools. They are failing to deliver.

Sadly, we have all witnessed the exodus of talented teachers to the private sector and other states due to low salaries, over-regulation, and lack of support. Many of us have contributed to teachers’ crowdsourcing to fund equipment for their classrooms. And deteriorating facilities in some school districts are hindering learning.

In Raleigh, Terri will work for…

  • Schools that are adequately funded to meet the needs of the students they serve
  • Elimination of the diversion of tax dollars to private, parochial, and for-profit institutions
  • Increased pay for teachers and administrators to encourage our best and brightest to choose careers in education
  • Construction of schools as learning laboratories, with future generation technology
  • Incentives to encourage innovation and experimentation that improve educational outcomes
Economy and jobs
Infrastructure and community building
Healthy citizens in North Carolina

Having health should not be a luxury, with quality care reserved for only those who can afford it. Every person deserves to have the peace of mind provided by predictable, comprehensive coverage. No person should face financial ruin because they get sick or injured. Access to healthcare should not depend on where you live. People who live in rural communities should be able to get the same quality care as those who live in our urban centers. Healthcare programs that serve North Carolina’s children, low-income families, and people who are elderly or have disabilities should have adequate funding, and barriers that prevent some families from accessing much-needed services must be removed. While more North Carolinians now have health insurance, the federal government’s failure to make needed changes to the legislation are causing unpredictability in our insurance markets. We can do better to ensure that the people of North Carolina have the healthcare they need to live productive lives, and it is time for our leaders to act to ensure our people have the care, access and coverage they need.

In Raleigh, Terri will work for …

  • Protection and expansion of the Medicaid program, which has improved the health of children, low-income adults and families, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and older adults for over 50 years
  • Adequate funding for recovery support services for adults with substance use disorders and increased access to prevention, treatment and recovery programs specifically targeted to opioid-related overdoses and deaths
  • Restoration of funding for vital mental health services to cover the costs of uninsured people who need mental and behavioral health care and are unable to pay
Tax investments

Partisan gerrymandering and the drawing of proper district lines is an important issue facing our state. I share the statement of belief of the North Carolina Democratic Party on how to have a Fair And Open Election And A Strong Party from its 2016 platform:

We recognize that partisan gerrymandering has been a practice of both major parties in our state. We support a remedy to this problem through the implementation of a non-partisan, independent redistricting commission. This commission would shift power from self-interested politicians, back to the people, and allow voters to choose their representatives, rather than politicians choosing their voters. Furthermore, we believe that local governments, including school boards, city councils, and boards of county commissioners should be able to fairly draw their own electoral districts without interference from the General Assembly.

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