Public Safety.

Terri knows how important it is that our families are safe – that’s why Terri is committed to keeping our communities safe.

Dark money groups are lying about what Terri believes in. Terri believes that we need to prioritize and improve public safety – all while dismantling systemic racism.

As Senator, Terri will:

  • Support the recommendations of Governor Cooper’s Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice (TREC). The bipartisan Task Force recommends clear policies on, among others, use of force and the duty to intervene and report.
  • Ensure police officers have the support they need. At the core of improving public safety is looking at our complementary services. Improving community support systems, such as services for mental illness and substance abuse disorders, will reduce calls to the police.
  • Invest in education and job training programs. Terri knows that access for ALL to a quality education and to job opportunities is the foundation of a healthy, low-crime community. Terri LeGrand supports fully funding our public schools and wants to ensure that North Carolina teachers are paid fair, competitive wages. Terri knows that college isn’t the path for everyone, which is why she supports job training programs in every community. Terri supports Governor Cooper’s Finish Line Grants Program, Governor Cooper’s NC Job Ready initiative and investing in trade schools through community colleges.
  • Reduce gun violence. Terri believes everyone should be free from the fear of gun violence. She will support common sense gun safety laws including universal background checks and a “red flag” law that would allow petitioners to ask a judge to issue a gun violence restraining order to remove firearms from people found to be a risk to themselves or others.
  • Strengthen communities. Terri believes that making sure communities trust the officers serving them means making sure every voice is heard. Officers, community advocates, and elected leaders should have a seat at the table when making decisions affecting policing and dismantling systemic racism. Additionally, Terri believes that we need to prioritize fair and equitable hiring practices and world class officer training.