Joyce Krawiec is lying.

It’s politics at its worst. Joyce Krawiec is trying to scare voters through lies and deception to hide her record of failing us on health care, schools, clean water and more.

Terri does not support defunding the police. Terri does not support rapists over their victims. She is not trying to take away your dairy and meat.

WARNING! Joyce Krawiec Lies

Supporting public safety:

Terri does not support defunding the police. Terri knows how important it is that our families are safe – that’s why Terri is committed to keeping our communities safe.

  • Terri believes that to improve our systems of public safety we need to work together to support our law enforcement agencies. That means fair and equitable hiring practices and world class officer training, including de-escalation and racial bias training.
  • Terri will ensure police officers have the support they need. At the core of improving public safety is looking at our complementary services. Improving community support systems, such as services for mental illness and substance abuse disorders, will reduce calls to the police.
  • Terri supports the recommendations of Governor Cooper’s Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice (TREC). The bipartisan Task Force recommends clear policies on, among others, use of force and the duty to intervene and report.
  • Terri believes that making sure communities trust the officers serving them means making sure every voice is heard. Officers, community advocates, and elected leaders should have a seat at the table when making decisions affecting policing and dismantling systemic racism.

A record of defending victims:

As a young Attorney, Terri fought for women, children and families – in many cases women who were victims of abuse. Terri stands with victims and opposes Marsy’s Law, and here is why:

  • Marsy’s Law was successful in NC thanks to a $5M campaign led by a California billionaire interested in pushing a one size fits all victim’s rights amendment in all states.
  • None of the things included in Marsy’s Law were actual priorities for crime victims in NC–and that is why groups like the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault raised concerns about the measure and did not support it.
  • The law was an unfunded mandate. Since it passed, the increases in funding that are necessary to implement the amendment properly have not been provided–so perversely, this amendment is likely to negatively impact victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, allotting less victim’s services resources to them and further slowing down the workings of the court system.
  • As an attorney, Terri understood it would be more effective to strengthen the existing victim notification process, using statutes if necessary, not a constitutional amendment.

Meat and dairy:

Terri has absolutely no agenda or interest in limiting your meat or dairy intake. That is ridiculous.

Terri’s message is resonating with voters, and that’s got Joyce Krawiec running scared. Here is what Terri will do:

As Senator, Terri will:

  • Fight to get health care costs under control. Remarkably, North Carolinians pay more for health care than the residents of any other state. That’s because the Republican-controlled state legislature has basically done everything in its power over the past decade to destroy our state’s health insurance markets. In particular, by failing to expand Medicaid, Joyce Krawiec forced many people with expensive chronic conditions onto our health care exchange, while simultaneously allowing relatively healthy folks to remain on non-ACA-compliant plans. Subsequent losses by insurance companies caused many to exit the exchange, leaving only one provider, and therefore no competition, in 95% of North Carolina’s counties. Health insurance could be much cheaper and more accessible for millions of residents if the NC GOP stopped actively working to undermine our insurance markets.
  • Fight to make health care more accessible and to add thousands of new jobs. The failure to expand Medicaid under the ACA is one of the most self-defeating and harmful policies inflicted by the GOP-controlled state legislature on the people of North Carolina. Not only would Medicaid expansion provide health insurance for nearly 500,000 low-income households and their children – saving more than a thousand lives per year – it would also create an additional 37,000 jobs and expand NC’s economy by over $4 billion by 2022.
  • Fight to fully fund our schools. Every student deserves access to a quality education. Because North Carolina spends $3,692 less than the national average on students, it’s clear that Raleigh has not prioritized our schools. Terri LeGrand supports raising per pupil spending to at least the national average so North Carolina can fulfill its constitutional duty to provide a sound, basic education.
  • Fight to raise teacher pay to at least the national average. Our teachers are working two or more jobs just to make ends meetall while spending roughly $500 out of pocket to make sure their students have classroom supplies. While Joyce Krawiec brags about raising teacher pay, teachers have said that her $350 bonus before taxes is not enough, and Governor Cooper described the pay raise as inadequate. Terri LeGrand supports fully funding our public schools so that teachers don’t have to spend their own hard-earned money to supply their classrooms, and wants to ensure that North Carolina teachers are paid fair, competitive wages.

…and much more… click here to learn where Terri stands on the issues most important to voters.