Terri LeGrand Blog

It’s official. I’m in!

November 18, 2020
by Terri LeGrand

I am running for NC Senate District 31. With new maps, our race is expected to be the most competitive opportunity to unseat a Republican state senator in 2020. In fact, SD-31 could be the seat that flips the NC Senate.

I am running for the NC Senate because I believe we have lost our way. In our state government, divisions are wide, compromise is missing, and moral and ethical behavior is lacking. We need to send legislators to Raleigh who truly want to work together across party lines.

Many in our community have watched while those in office play political games with issues that are far too important for this kind of trickery.

We need to:

  • Ensure that every North Carolinian has access to affordable health care (and yes, that means expanding Medicaid);
  • Provide the funding needed to make sure every child in North Carolina receives the education they need to succeed in life and make sure our teachers are paid like the professionals they are;
  • Enact legislation to help keep people safe from gun violence;
  • Address full-on the threat of climate change while creating thousands of good clean-energy sector jobs and ensuring clean air and clean water; and
  • Restore civility and fair-dealing in our state government.

I will bring integrity and passion to this job. I will reach across party lines to build consensus on the issues most important to my constituents. I will listen, and I will lead.