Our Issues.

Terri is eager to get out and listen to the residents and voters in Forsyth and Davie Counties. We know there are immediate and important issues we must address, and Terri will work on the concerns that matter most around your kitchen table. Please fill out this brief survey to let Terri know what issues are most important to you.

Terri is not a career politician. She is a mother, an advocate, a counselor and a community leader. Her strength is in her ability to listen. She wants to know what matters most to you and your family. Open your door when we knock, attend an event, and help Terri build this movement!

Jobs & the Economy

Terri supports job training programs in every community where workers need advanced skills, and investing in higher education so our students can graduate without crippling debt. She is committed to improving our transportation options so that people can get to where the jobs are.

Affordable & Accessible Healthcare

Terri knows how difficult it can be when a family member has chronic health issues. She believes that we must do better to ensure that the people of North Carolina have the care, access and coverage they need.

Education & Schools

Terri is a product of public schools as are her two daughters. Terri will work to ensure that our schools are fully-funded, that our teachers are paid as the professionals that they are, that our schools are provided the repairs and improvements needed, and that our students have the services they deserve to succeed.

Clean Air & Water

An advocate for clean air and water and a sustainable environment, Terri will support investment in renewable energy and green technologies to grow the economy,  create the jobs of the future, and combat climate change.

Effective & Ethical Government

Terri believes in a government by the people for the people. She is committed to establishing an independent, non-partisan redistricting process in 2021 and will work in a bi-partisan manner to ensure NC becomes a model of good and fair governance for all of our citizens.

Freedom & Security

Terri believes everyone should be free from the fear of gun violence. She will support common sense gun safety laws including universal background checks and a “red flag” law that would allow petitioners to ask a judge to issue a gun violence restraining order to remove firearms from people found to be a risk to themselves or others.