Investing in Our Future

Terri LeGrand is running for North Carolina House because she believes that everyone deserves the security and the comfort that comes from access to good jobs, a 21st-century education and proper infrastructure. Our state’s legislature has consistently voted against these values in recent years, and Terri wants to go to Raleigh to change that.

So what does Terri mean when she says “investing in our future”?

To build anything of value, you need the right kinds of investments…investments of resources as well as investments in people. And the future of North Carolina is no exception.

Terri believes that we should invest in …

  • … quality education for every child from pre-K through high school that is the envy of the nation.
  • … jobs that pay enough to support a family and provide security in case of illness or accident.
  • … healthcare coverage for all of our families that serves their needs and improves their health.
  • … skills training and career pathways for workers so they will be valued and viewed as assets to their employers.
  • … modern infrastructure to attract employers and create a foundation for small businesses to thrive.
  • … technical education for high schools and community colleges to prepare students for the innovative jobs of tomorrow.
  • … amenities, facilities and roadways that allow our communities to connect, grow and be desirable places to live and work.

And much, much more. But we won’t get there with the failed tax-cuts and the lack of investments of the past. People deserve to see their taxes at work, paying for worthwhile and valuable projects that make their lives better. And they deserve to know that the legislators of our state are willing to make wise investments. Sadly, without these investments, we’ll be missing out on much of what we need to create the American Ideal.

With a firm commitment – and the right investments in our future – we can create something amazing here in North Carolina for all people. It’s time.

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