Health Care

The average cost for health care in North Carolina is $8,015 per year, making it the eighth most expensive state for health care in the United States. Health care costs were out of control before the pandemic, but the pandemic has made things worse.

Our coalition supports:

  • Closing the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid. The North Carolina General Assembly has refused to pass legislation to expand Medicaid despite the fact that taxes paid by North Carolinians already fund the program. As a result, North Carolinians are paying for Medicaid expansion for other states that have voted to expand, while not receiving the benefits of the programs for themselves. Members of working families make up 86% of uninsured North Carolinians. More than 600,000 adults in North Carolina are employed but not insured. Expanding Medicaid would insure nearly 634,000 North Carolinians by 2022, including an estimated 30,000 uninsured veterans who are not covered by the VA.
  • Expanding rural health care access. In Forsyth County, 15.6% of adults and 23.2% of children are uninsured. In Davie County, 14.9% of adults and 21.4% of children are uninsured. Guaranteeing that working families in rural Forsyth County and Davie County have access to affordable health care starts with Medicaid expansion – which would help thousands of North Carolinans. 
Terri LeGrand and Daughter