Environment & Climate

As a mother and co-founder of the Piedmont Earth Day Fair and Piedmont Environmental Alliance, Terri knows just how important it is that we protect the environment for our own health and safety and for future generations.

We all deserve to live in safe and healthy communities – that’s why Terri’s coalition will listen to the climate scientists, work to hold corporate polluters accountable, and protect our water, air and soil.

Our coalition supports:

  • Eliminating Handouts to Corporate Polluters. Joyce Krawiec voted to force us to pay for Duke Energy’s $8 billion toxic coal ash clean up. We must stand up to corporate polluters, hold them accountable and keep our groundwater and waterways clean. North Carolinians shouldn’t bear the cost of cleaning up corporate pollution.
  • Investing in Clean and Renewable Energy. North Carolina ranks second in the nation for solar power production. We must continue to invest in clean and renewable energy. Terri’s coalition supports raising the state Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) and reinstating the Renewable Energy Tax Credit.
  • Protecting North Carolina Communities. North Carolina has nearly 300 miles of coastline and is home to communities, parks and landmarks that would be threatened by an oil spill. Terri’s coalition supports the bipartisan effort to stand against offshore drilling and protect our coast.
  • Prioritizing Clean Water. GenX and perfluorinated chemicals threaten our waterways yet the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has seen more than 70 positions eliminated, a 41% reduction in water quality and water resources staff. We must take on polluters, fight for water restoration and make sure that every community has access to clean and safe water.
  • Listening to the Climate Scientists and Address the Climate Crisis. The earth is facing a climate crisis. It is imperative that we take action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables. NC can take advantage of this shift by expanding good paying green energy jobs. Terri’s coalition supports Gov. Cooper’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy.