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Attack Ads…This Early?

June 21, 2020
by Terri LeGrand

Our campaign recently learned that an independent expenditure PAC, aka dark money group, launched attack ads against me. They accused me of being a “liar” and “playing politics.” We don’t know for sure, but it’s likely this PAC is tied to Phil Berger. There’s good news about these ads though.

First, they’re targeting us really early. They’re afraid of our people-powered movement. They’re afraid of our momentum. They’re afraid of what we have the power to do: unseat our opponent this fall and flip the district. Maybe they’ve received internal polling that demonstrated the strength of our campaign. Attack ads this early mean their resources won’t be as available as election day approaches. Lastly, they’re letting people know who we are, especially those who are unaware of our campaign.

A few of those who have seen the ad have expressed your concerns. Some have asked us, “what are we going to do?”

I’ve listened.

Here’s your answer.

We have a plan, we’re focused, and we won’t stray from our strategy. Our bipartisan message of bringing people together is resonating. The people of District 31 will see the difference between us and our opponent. We’ll put our shared values into action and inspire voters to be the catalysts of change for the 31st District.

We’re connecting with voters with our robust field program. Right now, we’re unable to go door to door, and as true grassroots veterans know, it’s the heart and soul of winning campaigns. However, during this time, it means that our phone banking efforts must be, and have been, amplified. We’re connecting with voters, who have connected with voters, who have connected with voters. We’re going to keep this energy all the way to election day. Be assured that once we are able to safely hold small gatherings, events, and canvassing, our grassroots movement will be a force unlike any other.

Let’s use our frustrations of seeing baseless attack ads as fuel to our fire, hunger, and passion for change. We cannot win without you. Let’s magnify our phone banking efforts by signing up for shifts. Let’s invite our friends and neighbors to join us. Sign up for other organizing efforts. We’re going to need as many as possible to win this.

Help us organize in the digital sphere. Share our messages through email forwarding. On social media, like and retweet (@LegrandWSNS), like and share posts on Facebook (Terri LeGrand for NC), and on Instagram like and share posts to your story (@terri4nc).

If you’re able to contribute, contribute as much as you’re able to.

There is a role for everyone in our campaign.

Together, we have a strategy and roadmap to victory. Together we will be the catalysts of change.

Together we will bring the right representation to Senate District 31.

Together, we will win!