Terri LeGrand Blog

Words Matter, Actions Mean More

May 30, 2020
by Terri LeGrand

To be silent is to be complicit. I’ve sat with that sentiment for days. I know not posting on social media about George Floyd may be interpreted as silence and complicity. I also know that saying the wrong thing can be worse. I believe words matter. I see politicians post thoughts and prayers and some believe the sentiment. However, I believe actions matter more.

As a candidate, I should be asked what I’m going to do.

First, I’m going to channel my grief and outrage into this campaign. I know that I will work harder to end systemic racism than my opponent. When elected, I’ll listen to my Black and Brown colleagues. I’ll follow the lead of the Legislative Black Caucus. I’ll support their efforts because they’ve lived experiences that I haven’t. They know what needs to be done.

I’ll listen to my constituents to understand their anger, frustration, hopes, and dreams. Their realities in this world matter. I’ll work to implement the solutions they seek. I’ll educate myself and others. I’ll stand up and speak out against oppression. Together, we can fight for solutions that make differences in our community.

Will it be enough? I don’t know. But it’s what I’ll do.