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Terri Listens. Terri Leads.

We’re building a movement that gives working families a stronger voice.

Meet Terri.

Terri LeGrand grew up in a small mountain town and has spent most of her adult life working to improve the lives of North Carolinians. With integrity and passion, she is reaching across party lines to build consensus on the issues most important to the people of North Carolina. It’s time for a bipartisan coalition that works for everyone. It’s time for North Carolina to unite.

Which issues are important to you?

Voters tell Terri that their top issues are affordable healthcare, good jobs, quality schools, freedom from gun violence, and an effective and fair government. Businesses large and small will not succeed in our state if we don’t get these basics right. Terri is committed to working to find solutions to these and other pressing issues so that everyone has an opportunity to prosper.

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